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ikoniq is proud to be associated with PyroCMS, a World Class, industry best practice, Open Source Content Management System developed for you, the site owner.

PyroCMS is quite new relative to many other competitors. Significantly, the originator of the product allowed it to be freely available to any who wanted to adopt it, and just as importantly, add new features and help the rapid development cycle. 

PyroCMS is suitable for small businesses, medium and large corporates. Versions 1.x and 2.x were built on the highly praised Codeigniter framework. Now, PyroCMS 3.x has taken a giant leap forward and is now built on the industry's most advanced framework: Laravel. 

PyroCMS is FAST in content delivery, and for the developer, supports the MVC development paradigm that enables the structured creation of custom modules to cater for unique client needs beyond what comes out of the box.

An outstanding feature of PyroCMS is the easy-to-use intuitive management interface. Content editors are not overwhelmed with features and aspects of the CMS that they dont need to be concerned with. Instead, they are presented with just the site components they need to do their job. This key benefit ensures that content editors can quickly and easily manage their content.  Thats why with PyroCMS, we wont be pushing old fashioned over hacked excuses for a CMS on you.