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About ikoniq

Our job at ikoniq is to help you achieve your business goals through your website.

It takes many skills and resources to create, deliver and continuously improve any business website. This typically includes:

  • clear understanding of the client's business and requirements of the new website
  • create design and implementation strategies for the site
  • compelling sales messages and content of benefit to the site visitor
  • crafted content for search engine optimisation to aid in search results
  • graphic design to match the business to the target audience
  • development of the website to the requirements specification and design parameters
  • hosting of the website

In large digital agencies you have a team of people to address all of these areas. And, you pay for it. 

At ikoniq, we work with a network of excellent people who have experience in all aspects of business from local government, NGOs, SMB and Enterprise.

Our network includes free-lance designers, developers and SEO specialists. The benefit of working with free-lancers means you are not paying for the high overheads of a large digital agency, and this network can draw on others should the need arise. 

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