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ikoniq is proud to be associated with PyroCMS, a World Class, industry best practice, Open Source Content Management System developed for you, the site owner.

PyroCMS is quite new relative to other competitors. Significantly, the originator of the product allowed it to be freely available to any who wanted to adopt it, and just as importantly, add new features and help the rapid development cycle. Today, there are well over 60,000 installations by hundreds of developers world-wide contributing to PyroCMS and at the time of writing, PyroCMS is supported in 24 languages.

Other CMS's that have been in use for many years lack the intuitive management interface of PyroCMS. Thats why here, we wont be pushing old fashioned over hacked excuses for a CMS on you.

PyroCMS is suitable for small businesses, medium and large corporates. Built on the highly praised Codeigniter framework, PyroCMS is FAST in content delivery, and for the developer, supports the MVC development paradigm that enables the structured creation of custom modules to cater for unique client needs beyond what comes out of the box.

PyroCMS features:

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive Control Panel puts you in charge. No rocket-science required.
  • Rugged and Secure

    Best practice comprehensive, secure customisable user authentication system.
  • Integrated SEO

    in-built Google Analytics preview in Control Panel and feed to your Analytics account
  • Flexible Theme system

    Quick to develop and deliver reduces costs
  • Modular structure

    for included and custom Add-ons which helps reduce time to develop and costs
  • Basic modules include

    Blog, Galleries, Newsletters, Streams and more
  • Streams? Whats Streams?

    Rapid list creation & management for any list based data - testimonials, news, products, services. Saves time and reduces costs....
  • Growing list of Add-ons

    e-commerce, Newsletters, Event management, Video Gallery, Portfolio, Forums. Social integration....
  • Multi-platform

    Desktop, notebook, tablet and smartphones supported - Serve context relevant content and design to mobiles and non-mobiles alike.
  • Open Source

    Allows developers world-wide to contribute to enhancements and new features.
  • Multi-lingual

    Supports multiple languages and currently is supported by over 20 languages
  • Multi-site support

    For businesses that need to support multiple websites, they can all be managed from the same Control Panel.

If your business needs a new CMS solution for your website,   get in touch.