Managing Files - Part 1

Posted: 04-Mar-2013
Category: Using PyroCMS

Get to know the Files module. This is the first of a few posts to introduce you to the Files Module in PyroCMS. The Files module is a very powerful module which is easy to use and can be accessed directly from other modules such as Pages, Blog, Gallery, Streams - anything where you need to upload, download, or include files in your site.

In Part 1 will look at how you access Files and how to create logical folders to store your files in.

To access the Files module make sure you are logged in to your Admin account, Click on Content in the main menu, then select Files.

If this is the first time the Files module has been accessed you will be shown this screen which is prompting you to create your first folder or folders.


In PyroCMS2.2.x, getting Help on a module is now easier than in previous versions. All modules now include the link to the available Help in the header area of the module as shown below.


All files you wish to upload need to by saved to a Folder, so it is important to have a logical structure just like you would (should?) have on your own computer.

To create a folder, just right click in the blank area - if folders have previously been created make sure you dont inadvertently right mouse click on one of them. Then just click on the Create Folder box.

Your new folder will be created just as shown below.

Create Folder

When the folder is created you will need to provide a name for it. Just click on the blue highlighted text that has "Untitled folder" and enter a name for your new folder.

Folders appear in the LHS column so in time you will have folders created for your typical storage needs. Some example folders could be:

Example of created folders

If for some reason you need to make a change to a name of a folder you have created you can right click on the folder and you will be able to rename it or, delete it.

Now that we have some folders created, we will look at how to upload your files in Part 2 of Managing Files