Navigation - Part 1

Posted: 15-Nov-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS

There is a very strong relationship between the pages you create and your website's navigation menu. In this tutorial, we explore how this is achieved and the things you need to be aware of as you create pages and turn them from "Draft" mode to "Live" mode.

In Managing Pages - Part 1 it was noted that it is a good idea to save your new page as Draft until you are ready to publish the page. When you first create a new page, you have the option of selecting which Navigation Group the new page is to be included in. 

Navigation 1

The standard Navigation Groups are Header, Sidebar and Footer. Other Groups can be created for special purposes if needed. For this tutorial we will focus on the Header Navigation Group which is usually the navigation menu at or near to the top of the webpage.

When you select a Navigation Group that it is to be included in and Save your new page it is added to that Navigation Group and is placed at the bottom of the list of navigation menu items, It is also placed at the bottom of the list of pages in the list of Pages. You can position your new page in the list of pages shown when you Save and Exit simply by moving your mouse cursor over the page and the click on the page entry, hold down your mouse key then drag the new page to the logical location you want it to be in then release your mouse button.  The illustration below shows how our new page would be located in the list of pages in the Pages module.

Saved page position.

I recommend that once you have saved and positioned your draft page in the Pages' list, you then do the same in the Navigation Group. The illustration below shows where the new page has been positioned in the Header Navigation Group.

Nav group with new entry.

Position the new navigation entry for the new page by dragging and dropping into the desired location.

It is important to note that at this point, the page is still in Draft mode, so while there is an entry for the page in the navigation list, it is not accessible until it has been changed to Live mode.

This covers the basics of how to add Pages to your site's navigation menu. The next tutorial will cover other types of links in your site's navigation menus.