Adina Vineyard and more

Posted: 16-Jan-2015
Category: New Sites

Time flies when you are having fun!

Its been a while since we posed any blog entries so its high time we mentioned a few recent client projects.

Managing Files - Part 2

Posted: 05-Mar-2013
Category: Using PyroCMS
In Managing Files Part 2 we will see how the Files module interface makes it a breeze to upload your files into the folders that were created in Part 1.

Managing Files - Part 1

Posted: 04-Mar-2013
Category: Using PyroCMS

Get to know the Files module. This is the first of a few posts to introduce you to the Files Module in PyroCMS. The Files module is a very powerful module which is easy to use and has a direct interface into other modules such as Pages, Blog, Gallery, Streams - anything where you need to upload, download, or include files in your site.

In Part 1 will look at how you access Files and how to create logical folders to store your files in.

Wild Edge Retreat gets a make-over

Posted: 11-Dec-2012
Category: New Sites
Situated on the edge Corobare State Forest near the village of Wollombi, Wild Edge Retreat provides a spectacular vista for its guests to enjoy and to relax and unwind from the pressures of city living. 

Navigation - Part 2

Posted: 03-Dec-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS
In Part 2 of Navigation we look at the various options available when setting up your links in the Navigation module.

Navigation - Part 1

Posted: 15-Nov-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS
Get to know how your pages are related to your site's navigation menus in Navigation - Part 1.

Managing Pages - Part 3

Posted: 25-Oct-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS
Part 3 of the series of Managing Pages reviews meta data, how it is used in your web pages and how it is used by search engines.

Managing Pages - Part 2

Posted: 11-Oct-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS
In the second part of Managing Pages we explore Page Chunks.

Managing Pages - Part 1

Posted: 10-Oct-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS
In this tutorial we will look at how we go about adding a new page to your website and the things you need to be aware of before you publish your new page.

Using PyroCMS

Posted: 02-Oct-2012
Category: Using PyroCMS
From time to time I will be posting short articles here on a number of aspects of using PyroCMS.

New site for Cedars

Posted: 28-Aug-2012
Category: New Sites
Jenny and Ray Lewis have been running this exquisite Hunter Valley tourism accommodation establishment for many years and the old website was looking rather tired.